Thomas B. Vinton spent 20 years working various and complex assignments within the NYPD. During this tenure he worked both as a sergeant in the Bronx Task Force, and as a Detective Bureau sergeant in the Bronx Gang Squad. With these assignments he established liaisons with partner agencies such as the FBI, DEA, US Secret Service and Immigration and Customs Enforcement. He was responsible for coordinating and supervising tactical operations between local, state and federal agencies. He was also a first responder to the World Trade Center attacks supervising rescue and recovery efforts.

Since retiring from the NYPD, Mr. Vinton currently provides executive protection for a high profile CEO. He is also specially trained and authorized by the Department of Homeland Security (TSA) to fly armed on-board aviation aircraft into and out of DCA (Reagan International) airport via designated gateway airports. Since 2007 he has been engaged in monitoring the labor force at the construction of 1WTC (Freedom Tower), under the direction of the Port Authority Inspector General. This included audits of time records and certified payrolls. He is also a senior investigator at TAV Investigations in Eastchester, NY.

Mr. Vinton graduated from Iona College with a BA in Criminal Justice.

Thomas B. Vinton

Senior Investigator