Our polygraph examiners have extensive experience in the field. We have over fifty years of polygraph testing experience. All of our examiners are members of the American Polygraph Association and the American Association of Police Polygraphists. Our background includes all types of law enforcement cases along with pre-employment screening for police candidates. We also work in the private sector with attorneys in criminal matters and provide pre-employment screening for guard and armored car companies. All of our services conform to The Employee Polygraph Protection Act of 1988.


Executive Travel Associate

This service is designed to assist persons who are on business trips and will benefit from support and assistance in their out of country business day. Having someone with law enforcement background and training is essential for a constant awareness of surroundings throughout the day. In order to maximize efficiency, safety and time spent, we review daily travel plans, transportation considerations, and coordination of events. Planning saves time, and ensures a needed layer of security to the most routine and most ambitious events of the day. Persons on business can attract unwanted attention. Let us be the extra pair of eyes focused on the things that could distract you from your business affairs. We have done such work in the Philippines, South Korea, Haiti, Bermuda, France, Greece and Panama.


Criminal and Civil Investigations

All of our investigators are former sworn law enforcement detectives with experience in interview, interrogation and statement taking. We proceed in a methodical evidence-gathering manner. We provide professional testimony if required in a court appearance.



One of the most difficult assignments in the private investigation field is conducting a successful surveillance. Our members have prior experience in this area based on former law enforcement assignments. We observe and report directly to you, keeping you abreast of developments from the field. Both stationary and mobile surveillances are conducted.


Electronic Sweeps

If you suspect electronic eavesdropping let us sweep your location. Our personnel have over twenty-five years experience using the most up to date equipment in a discreet and professional manner.


Executive Protection

This service is offered to anyone concerned with security in any venue. It is offered from one discreet operative to an expanded number based on need. All operatives are in radio communication and can be armed. The detail will be constructed based on intelligence assessment, research of locations, schedule of events and purpose of the occasion. Our primary goal is to give you the confidence that you are protected and secure so you may complete your tasks without incident. Preparation minimizes risk.


Other Services

  • background checks and locate searches
  • computer Forensics