Ronald J. Di Maria retired as a detective in the NYPD after 20 years of serving in various high profile assignments such as the 44th Precinct, the Bronx Task Force, Disorder Control Unit, the NYPD’s Specialized Protection Team and the Bronx and Queens Gang Squads. He was also a first responder to the World Trade Center attacks serving in rescue and recovery.

During his service, he completed numerous schools and seminars sponsored by a variety of law enforcement agencies, which honed his skills in surveillance, interview, executive protection and forensic techniques. His executive protection assignments included protection of dignitaries attending the United Nations General Assembly. He also was selected to represent the NYPD in discussing with and educating parents in gang activities, a program sponsored by the New York City Board of Education.

Mr. Di Maria distinguished himself as a leader and self starter in obtaining search and arrest warrants and being a primary member of entry teams in high risk situations. Since his retirement, Mr. Di Maria has worked for a private investigations company before joining the Fitzgerald Group.

Prior to joining the NYPD, Mr. Di Maria attended St. John’s University.

Ronald Di Maria

Computer Expert