While the manager of Internet Technologies for Nestle Waters of America, Mr. Gilmore managed over 20 Internet sites including complete Ecommerce solutions; hired, managed and trained a Webmaster, Intranet and Internet Developer; and designed and installed disaster recovery of Internet sites. He also designed and instituted a corporate wide Internet Security policy.

Mr. Gilmore possesses an expertise in computer security, clustering, load balancing, capacity planning and disaster recovery. He is familiar with many operating systems to include Windows, Linux, Unix (DEC Ultrix, OSF, Free BSD), Pick OS, VAX and VMS and many languages to include VBScript, JavaScript, IBM/Universe DataBasic, MS QuickBasic and Borland Turbo Basic.

Mr. Gilmore is also knowledgeable regarding several types of software such as Outlook Web Access, visual Studio, IIS and FrontPage to name a few.

Since leaving Nestle, Mr. Gilmore has performed forensic computer analysis for attorneys in the private sector to include deleted document retrieval, key word searches in retrieved items and has been an independent contractor in designing and implementing secure networks for small businesses.

Mr. Gilmore attended Manhattan College from 1983 to 1986 pursuing a BS degree in Math and Computer Science.

John A. Gilmore

Computer Forensics